PREFIRE Launch Announcement!

Published on 30 Aug 2023 | Erin Hokanson Wagner

Conceptual rendering of PREFIRE CubeSats in orbit. Credit: NASA

NASA has selected the launch provider for the PREFIRE mission. Rocket Lab USA Inc. of Long Beach, California will launch both PREFIRE CubeSats during the spring of 2024. The first PREFIRE CubeSat launch is nominally scheduled for May 1, 2024, and the launch of the other PREFIRE CubeSat is scheduled for May 15, 2024. For more details, see the announcement on NASA’s website -

This work is supported by NASA.

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First PREFIRE Satellite Launched! r1

Rocket Lab successfully launched the first of two PREFIRE satellites from Mahia, New Zealand at 7:41 PM NZST (7:41 AM UTC).

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Rocket assembly pics and PI radio interview r1

Courtesy of Rocket Lab, we have some photos to share of the PREFIRE CubeSats being carefully attached to their Electron rockets! Another highlight for today is Radio New Zealand's short interview with Tristan L'Ecuyer, the PREFIRE Principal Investigator (PI).

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Launch update and a new short video! r1

It is late autumn at the Rocket Lab launch complex in New Zealand, and forecasts of unsuitable weather have delayed the first PREFIRE CubeSat launch until May 25, 2024 at 7:28 am UTC. While you are waiting, enjoy a new mission overview video! It includes realistic animations that show the way the CubeSat solar panels will deploy, the view of Earth that our spectrometer will have, and why two CubeSats are better than one.

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NASA's tiny twin polar satellites (first launch soon) r1

After a long-distance voyage to the Rocket Lab launch complex in New Zealand, the tiny twin PREFIRE CubeSats are being prepped for launch aboard two separate Electron rockets. The first PREFIRE CubeSat launch (referred to as Ready, Aim, PREFIRE by Rocket Lab) may occur as soon as May 22, 2024. Depending on where in the world you are, its launch time of about 7:30 am UTC may be during the day or night. Just how tiny are they? Each is the size and shape of a large shoebox when their solar panels are folded up!

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Names for the PREFIRE Launches! r1

The first PREFIRE CubeSat launch has been dubbed Ready, Aim, PREFIRE by Rocket Lab, and will occur no earlier than May 22, 2024. Its sibling will then be lofted into space during the PREFIRE and Ice launch, within 3 weeks of the first.

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